Thursday, December 18, 2008

addictive bookworms...

Are you ready to forget everything that has to be done in your home, at work or with your friends and family? Are you ready to be completly immersed in a book with no ability to escape it??? Are you sure... Well then you really should try these books by Stephanie Meyer. I have read the first three in a month and am on number 4 right now. I think they must put drugs in the binding.

stitching away

School finished two weeks ago, and work went right into full swing for the holidays... In the midst of everything I recieved my Praxis (art content knowledge) scores and am happy to say... I PASSED!!!! I have been busy making this quilt for christmas. It is a gift for my mother, that never reads this blog... so hopefully she will not decide to start now. I used the simple rolls of pre-cut strips due to the time I had to make it. It is the first "traditional" quilt that I have made. Which means that without fail there are things that will be done differently the next time that I make one. I am pleased with the design of the overall quilt, it was not made from a pattern just an idea that I had. I think that if I followed other people's instuctions this would have gone smoother. However I am me, and I learn by doing and doing it MY way. Which means a few seams had to be sewn and unraveled. In the end it was a great learning experience and a fun project. I hope that she loves it.

Monday, December 1, 2008

folio fun

I finally tore myself away from the vampire books to make this folio. For the past two weeks I have been making photograms in my photography class. It has not been an easy semester for me in that class, because I am not good at being told what to photograph or how to do it... However I have really enjoyed the photograms and I wanted to present them in an attractive way. The images that I choose to put in the folio represent different aspects of what the past used to look like. They are meant to evoke a sense of nostalgia in the viewer of a different time and place. I think that the folio turned out lovely, and is a clean simple way of presenting the images. I must admit it feels great to make something after a semester of dryness.


I held off for a long time, from reading this book. I am not usually interested in reading things that everyone else and their mother for that matter are reading. However I decided to pick it up, and low and behold... I am ADDICTED! I finished the first in the series in a few days and am well into the second book. I can see the appeal that so many are attracted to, not to mention it is light and fast to read. I also went to watch the movie last night. It was good, not as good as the book (not surprising). But definetly worth watching. If you are looking for something new to read check it out. Twilight by Stephanie Meyers.