Monday, February 13, 2012

body world's

While I was in Puerto Rico, I was lucky enough to see the "Body World's" exhibit by Gunther Von Hagen. I have missed this show in three cities and it was pure coincidence that I found it in San Juan. It was an incredible display of science and the human body, and artistically I found it moving. To pare down the body to the most basic forms of arteries, skin, bones, muscle, organs.... and on and on it went. I could have gone back every day to see the show if I wasn't doing other more beach like things... more on that to come. 

I was moved by these two people the most. The idea of a person holding their own skin off their back and what that could mean figuratively. The beauty of even being able to create this form... 

And then there was this one, the pregnant woman. The baby was so tiny I had to really look for it, even though she was already 5 months. It made me wonder what happened to her, and thankful for her contribution so we could see this stage of life in a way that has not been shown before. If this show comes anywhere close to you, I would recommend going to see it. Very interesting!