Wednesday, November 17, 2010


For as long as I can remember every time that I go somewhere different or even a day trip sometimes, I take a picture of my feet as proof that I was there. It has become a way to track where I am and what I am doing and its almost expected now that I have pictures of my feet everywhere. I think that one of these days I would like to gather these photos and make a collage of them, there must be at least 100 at this point.
Recently I took a wonderful vacation that included a stop at Hogwarts, and then a cruise in the Caribbean, not that nightmare out west... It was beautiful, romantic, and adventurous... Coming home always feels good when I have been gone for a little while but nothing beats standing on white sand with the best person, looking out onto a gorgeous view.

This is what has happened since the return the 1000 plus photos and "stuff" we collected while traveling have taken over the living room, with all the stuff it takes to put it in a photo album. I love a real Scrapbook, I am not talking the new ones where they sell all the paper that matches and the pre-planned pages and all that... No I am talking of the ones where you actually keep all the ticket stubs and postcards etc. from travels and add them with the photos for a visual remembrance of a nice trip. So that is what I am doing- and re-fusing to call it a scrapbook because of all the ugly associations that come with it.