Monday, February 2, 2009


Yesterday I made this small woven piece as a "gift" for someone in my class. It was part of a project that we are working on all semester. It was nice to sit and weave something that felt like "me". I am going to use this small piece to stand on my soap box and talk about function for a few minutes. There is this huge mis-understanding about what function means. People seem to think that if something is not ulititarian it is not "functional"... Well first of all "functional" is not really a word, it is best to say "serve a function" or "functions as". Things that are not made to be utilitarian but instead to be looked at, conceptualized and admired are serveing the functions just mentioned. Then there are things like rugs and pot holders that are utilitarian and that is their function. So to say that something is made with no function when it is art, is wrong. It is serving just that purpose. Ok now that I got that out, I will step off my soap box and go make something that functions as art. Have a great week everyone.