Sunday, September 30, 2007

killers you can't help but like

Ok I know it sounds crazy, hear me out. Tonight was the season premier of Dexter, a show on showtime about a serial killer that works as a blood splatter analysist for the police department. Now I do not think that being a seriel killer is a good thing by any means, but he only kills other seriel killers. Clever, I know! I love the show and this season looks like a great start of the season. Hannibal Lecter has been a favorite of mine for a while now, and he too only kills people that seem to have it coming to them. Intersting how these two charcters are strage and twisted but hard not to like from the outside.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


For one of my teaching classes I have to teach art at an afterschool program, today was my second day. I was a little early and ran into the kids lined up in the hall waiting to go into the room, they all started saying "hi Miss Ana !!!" Not only did they remember my name, they seemed excited to come to class again. The person in charge of the program was impressed that they remembered my name, because they see a lot of people in the afterschool programs. It makes me that much more excited that they wanted to work on my project for an hour.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


There is the paper-cut piece that I made for my lesson plan last night. Not as cool as Chris's but I was pleased with it. (Keep in mind it is a lesson plan for K-1st grade.) I also got to cut some circles out this morning, the quilt is going... Slowly compared to the rate I was working this summer. It is a great thing to do at night when I am trying to calm down after a long day.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

amazing art work

The above work is done by artist Chris Natrop. I found his work a few years ago at the MOMA and recently it came up on the Rag and Bone blog. I am sitting here working on a lesson plan for school, and doing some research on him, and decided that I must post a few photos of his work. Enjoy! It is so seductive and rich, I really love this work

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

back to school...

Since I started school the postings on here have been sparse, I apologize for that. I will not abandon this blog however I know that I will not be able to post as often. I have been working on lesson plans for a program that I am going to have this afternoon. I will be teaching about 15 children, the theme for this lesson was chosen by the group as family. I am excited and nervous about this experience, I have never taught children before and did not think that I would, I have wanted to teach high school. I have organized and really planned this out so I hope that it goes well.
On another note I want to share with you some of the blogs that I look at often, and really enjoy.

There are a few more but these are my favorites to read and catch up on. I hope that you are all enjoying is fall-like weather that we are having.

Monday, September 10, 2007

bits and pieces

While I was in Ohio I found this piece of a quilt at an antique store and could not pass it up. It dates back to the 40's or 50's and is almost finished but does not have a back on it. There were a few diamonds seperate along with two octagon shapes. I thought that these seperate pieces woulde be great to disect and figure out how to put them together on my own. I can not get over how much I love the fabrics on this thing. One day I will put some batting and a back on it.

This is what happens when you give two people the same project... The top one is the towel that I made, with the cutout fabric and applique. The bottom photos is the towel that P made for me, embroidered birds. I love it and am excited to have a cherry towel in my kitchen.

This mosaic piece is a sample that I made for my first lesson for my teaching class. It is torn paper on masionite board and I even tinted the glue to look like cement or dirt. I was pleased with the overall lesson and hope that dumberledore sees it that way.

Update on the circle quilt... slowly but surly all the little circles are comming together.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


(borrowed image from google)

I know that I have spoken about my facination with time more than once on here. I can't get over how much everything revolves around it, how inevitable time is. This morning, while sitting in class, I was reminded of the fact that children think that time goes by so slowly. I remember being a kid and thinking that an hour and a half was an eternity, now and hour and half is not long enough. As an adult there are often times when I wish that I could add hours to the day or minutes to the hour. Knowing that I can not I have learned to make the most of my time, I am busier than I have been in a long time, and it feels good. Just keep thinking that every moment spent doing something I love is amazing.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

school week two

Sitting at crossroads, which used to be world cup, which looks the same with a new name, again. So the first week of school went well, it is an adjustment, to say the least to return to school. I am thrilled to be doing something that I really want and in the same respect I can't wait for it to be over so that I can do it. This semester my classes are geared towards lower grades because it is set up sequentially. It all makes sense to be taught this way and what not but I have to say I DO NOT WANT TO TEACH SMALL KIDS!!! The desire is not there and "dumbing" things down to the level they need to be is not an easy thing for me. I knew that comming back would be a change in lifestyle and alter the past two years, where I have gotten used to time off. However I never realized how much of a change it would be. There are more people on campus, I have all new buildings for my classes, parking is horrid, and the work load is not light. Between school and work I will be in overdrive this semester, and for the next two years, I am looking forward to it all but also have some anxious feelings towards it all.
Keeping all this in mind, I have not had as much time to work on my quilt but I have not forgotten it either. I am putting the circles together at the moment, so that at the end I am not overwhelmed. There is a small section shown above, I have about 3/4 of a yard done altogether and I love the way that it looks. The basket of fabric makes me happy, it gives me a sense of hope that I will get through it and make some beautiful things. Hope that the end of summer is bringing good things for everyone and that the start of a new "school year" promises new adventures.