Friday, March 13, 2009

craft thoughts.

I know that this image looks like it should have been taken in December or January, but believe it or not, this was just last week. Here in Richmond, where it only snows once every couple of years, we received about 7inches last week. I usually don't enjoy the cold or snow very much. Oddly enough snow makes me feel claustrophobic. However last week when it came down and I woke up to a white world outside, I was reminded by how peaceful and quiet and beautiful the snow is. It seems to make everyone stop for a moment and think. It was lovely, now I just want cheery blossoms and sunshine... and dresses with floral patterns on them.

I started working on another quilt last week. If you ever wondered what a few years worth of remnants looked like, well its about 4 hours of ironing them out and 3 hours of cutting them into tiny rectangles and squares. I am making a structured "crazy quilt". I have always been attracted to the different patterns used in these quilts and the idea of using remnants and scraps. In today's world of "going green" its a useful way to use leftovers instead of throwing them out. I enjoy that a lot!
I have also been doing a lot of thinking about my work and the turn that it has taken in the past year or two. Instead of making pieces that are deep and layered in thought I am making pieces that take thought and organization, and compartmentalize them. I think this is a reflection of how busy, and hectic my life has become over this time. It is my way of dealing with my day to day. There is also the rise of the "craft" coming out in my work. Something that in college would have made me run. I always made well crafted conceptual works. Now the craft is really showing, quilts and other utilitarian objects. Most of these objects will never be used in the ways that they are traditionally meant to be. And the quilts hold more meaning to them than laying on a bed, I doubt they will ever make it to one. All of this makes me think about craft in general. Why is it that it has gotten a bad reputation in the art world? Honestly without craft most other mediums would not live up to their names. Without craft an object or print or painting becomes sloppy... with craft the difference between sloppy and art is made. I will continue making, it is part of who I am and what keeps me sane, and I will stop running from craft. There is nothing wrong with craft, its the scrap booking and kits that have ruined the craft name.