Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chicago Antiques

Of course I could not go on a trip without finding a little antique store... or 5! In Andersonville there a few shops and a yummy brunch place called M Henry.
This is actually a thrift store in the area that occupies and old building. It reminded me of our diversity thrift here, when it used to be in the old building on main street. I loved it there.

Roost- Had a great assortment of really eclectic things and really well organized and interesting to look through. I want to order some letters from them. They had a great assortment.

This store had a Scotish/English feel to it, lots of plaid! Really great blankets to upholster things with. I would love the cabinet with the little drawers!!

Chicago Gardening

There is a gorgeous Nursery in the Andersonville area in Chicago, that has all sorts of plants. This time I stumbled upon miniature gardens. I have been following these on blogs and online but have not found them here in Richmond. I ended up coming home with some furniture to make my own. Here are a few of my favorite. They look like a fairy could pop out at any moment.

Inspired Chicago

The weather here is gloomy and we may not have power for long. Irene is here! What a strange week with earthquakes and hurricanes, oh yeah and the bat that we found in our house this morning, the joy of home-ownership... there is no one to call and take care of these things because your name is on the house! Anyhow considering everything, we are well. While I still have power I want to share a recent trip to Chicago, last time I was there it was still winter. This time it was the height of summer and gorgeous! So clean and Green with blooms everywhere. If it were not so cold most of the year I would love to live there.

We went to the Shedd aquarium, I love aquariums, find constant inspiration and calmness there. This one is located right on the
Michigan river. The boats were all on the water the city behind them, a great view. The building is surrounded by gardens and the inside is done in an arts and crafts movement style. All of the chandeliers and walls have inspired sea life on them. I want a giant octopus lamp so badly after seeing this one, however my little cottage would not be large enough for it.

The Shedd had a Jelly-fish exhibit going on that was just gorgeous. It was beautiful they move so gently and softly. The tails remind me of embroidery floss and thread. The little black jellies moved like silly little mushrooms, faster than the others, less gracefully.