Tuesday, May 22, 2012

knots and binds and new threads

Hem tape... Archenemies!

A view of the studio since I moved some things around and got new shelving. I loved my old latter style book-cases however they were not convenient to the workspace... Can't wait for that dream studio in the backyard... Designed by me for me... I may never move, if that actually happens. 


After almost one year of working on this thing, I finally finished it yesterday! I finished making the hem tape and sewing it on, and then it was off into the washer... Always a nerve wrecking process. It came out fine and I ironed it and made it went up to the master bed. I love that feeling of finishing a project, especially when you still like it as much when it is finished as you did when it was a fragment of your mind. 
I am really loving the traditional pattern with the contemporary fabric and colors in this piece. Not being someone who loves to make things that are very precise, usually I just start going at it and make things work.... I followed the rules for a log cabin,  pretty closely with this, and sometimes made up my own, and it turned out almost precise. Except for here and there and well, I can live with that! 
I forgot how much I loathe attaching the hem tape, I love making it, and even ironing it out. However when it comes to attaching it and sewing it, I seem to always have trouble making sure that it stays even. I have followed about ten different sets of instructions and always seem to come out frustrated. I think I this one was alright, but I still dread that part and can understand why people send of quilts to be finished... I don't think I would ever let someone else finish my projects but I can understand why some do. 
This quilt was fun, and it was a special project to work on. I made it especially for this home, for us, and to look back one day, when I have decided to change the decor, hopefully not for a while,  and remember what I loved when we bought the home and moved in. 

As for what comes next... There is a lot of embroidery thread, fabric and gradating color involved. Lots of summer projects to keep me busy when I am not digging up dirt, in the garden.