Monday, March 18, 2013

ciao! Italia

The staircase inside the Vatican museum. 

This staircase depicts how the past three months have gone, into a spiral so fast that I barely know where they went. I returned from Italy a little over a week ago. I would love to post all the photos however, there were over 2000 and it took me a long time to get them down to 800 for an album. I worked away at that as soon as I returned and am happy to report that they are all in the album, that weights more than my art history book freshman year of college. 
I don't know how to put into words how I feel about Italy, other than to say it had the same magic thirteen years after the first time I went there. Having some life under my belt did help me appreciate it even more, and the art history knowledge from college also contributed to really full experience. I loved every moment! 
It was really nice to see Sandra mesmerized by the artwork, the food, and the culture. Seeing things that are so old, and still functioning has an effect on the soul. It makes you ponder who came before and how many people have walked the same path. I will say that if you are thinking of going to Italy, March was a great time, the weather was gorgeous, everything was green and blooming, and the crowds were minimal. 

Typical deli with fromagi and delicious cured meats
We spent our time in Museums, Church's, walking around seeing shops and people, eating, drinking, eating some more... In the catacombs under ground, seeing the fountains above ground, in the ruins, in the gardens.... We walked a lot, took in a lot and enjoyed every moment.

The mesmerizing Trevi Fountain
It was a rare treat to see the Trevi fountain on the first day we arrived, there was barely anyone there. Normally the crowd is so thick that it is hard to get through, but the first day there were a handful of people and it was really a nice treat.

Sculpture in the marble hall at the Vatican Museum

The hall of geography, gorgeous details in these frescoes maps. 

Santa Croche- my favorite church in Florence.
Santa Croche is one of my favorite churches of all time. There are many famous people buried there, that contributed so much to the world. Michelangelo, Galileo, Dante, Marconi, and some others. The church itself has 16 chapels within it, and they are breathtaking.

Michelangelo's Grave

One of the many many many, paper stores in Florence

The place that changed me, so long ago. 
At the top of the Boboli Gardens in Florence you have Tuscany in front of you, and Florence behind you. This is the place where I decided at 16 years old, to go to art school, and then I spent the next year proving the point to my father. It is such a beautiful place that takes your breath away. The different trees, the countryside and the city full of art, and history behind you. It was wonderful to go back, and I took even more in this time around.