Saturday, May 9, 2009

the fine line between balance

In the past two years the one lesson that I have learned, above all the rest... Is that there is a fine line between balance and overwhelmed. This line is so easily blurred, when there is homework to be done, goals to be met at work, plans that are unbreakable, and maintaining some sort of a life. Going back to school was a surprise to me as much as to anyone else, especially to become a teacher. The past two years have been great, and I love the teaching part of all this. However I am feeling studio-homesick, and the ends of my fingers are getting antsy from not making enough. I have decided that the right balance at the moment is to take next semester off. All that I have left to finish is student teaching, which I can do in the spring. Opening up this time in my life, means that I might have to confront some of the walls that were put up when I stopped making the way I did. I guess the time has come, to stop running from all the mixed up feelings that go hand in hand with my artwork. Walk straight into it and deal.

"Time takes time, you know"