Wednesday, April 13, 2011

master bedroom

Closet area- before the closet was set in....

and.... AFTER look its my new walk-in closet. I am in love with the way it made the shape of the room look, and the extra space. I am going to be using a curtain in white linen from Restoration Hardware, instead of a formal door. I could not find any that I loved and there is a lot of room around it so I figured a nice soft fabric would sofen the room.

This is the view of the master bedroom walking into it. I never grasped how large this room is until I had all my old furniture in there and it still looked empty. I love having the extra room, and I will be adding a reading chair, rugs, perhaps different lamps, and of course wall hangings.

This is the reading nook which is where I want to add a couple more furniture items. The color of the room is Martha Stewart "heavy goose" from Home Depot. It is a true grey with a blue undertone. It changes depending on the color of the light sometimes it looks grey, green or blue. I love the grey colors through-out the house. It is neutral but clean, and a great background for everything else in a room.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

cardboard free!

It has been a busy couple of weeks here. We pulled up carpet, painted, put down floor, packed, moved, un-packed, and even spent a day in the garden... So here it is a little bit more finished.

The guest room if you remembered looked like this when we purchased the house. Brown carpet and brown wood panel walls, it was like a 70's time warp, or Alice in wonderland when the walls look like they are coming in on you.
We pulled up the carpet, and primed and painted the walls. The wall color is Martha Stewart "bakery box white" at Home depot. This color looks blue or green depending on the light and the time of day. It is bright, fresh and a decent size now that the walls and floor and fresh.


I decided to keep it vintage in this room, the wood paneled walls had that vibe so I went with it. I added a combination of bedding some blues and browns, some embroidered pillows, for a handmade feeling. I also added extra blankets and pillows for guests, and left some space on the table tops and bench for people to put their things. This is currently the only room with rugs and I choose to use these that I already had because they worked best in this room. I tried them in other places, but they kept with a handmade touch in this room. Notice the yo-yo quilt I made a couple years back hangs in here too.... Finally out of a chest and out in the open.

I would still like to add a reading chair in this room and hang some things on the wall, a collection of tea towels perhaps. I have already had my mom and Tom stay in here and they seemed to like it enough. I am hoping it hosts many guests! More of the house to come soon, room by room I will share a tour. Also the progression of what I decide to do, make and of course change.