Thursday, June 23, 2011

a few tid bits.

The black petunia's deserve a spotlight, so pretty in the darkness. And of course this little moldy, but pretty finding.

outside now

If you look down to a few months ago at what the outside of this house looked like when we bought it and how now look here.... It has been a major change. Still have to paint that front door but it will have to wait until the fall. Thanks to my mom and tom we have really made this garden a nice retreat from the rest of the world. I have been watering, weeding, and trying to get rid of a clover patch that is taking over some flowers.

I can't wait for the tomatoes to ripen, to make bruchetta and salad and sandwiches mmm....

These were the freshly picked veggies today. They are growing at a pace that makes me smile... It is so nice to go out there and pick my own fresh veggies! My mom mixed some chicken poop into the dirt when the seeds went in and I thought it was strange at first.. I now understand why she used that these veggies are amazing and lush and yummy. I made Zuchini bread for the first time yesterday and it was delicious next time I am going to try making it with some squash mixed in too!
So this is the reason I have been playing outside instead of inside, I have been spending time in the studio, but this has been a nice way to unwind from the rest of the world when I get home in the evenings. Happy summer!


I have fallen in love with the show million dollar decorators on Bravo! It is one of the few things on T.V. that is visually interesting and has a mix of smart aesthetics and how to deal with people when you provide a service for them... I have had a passion for designing interiors and it is fun to watch them spend money like there is no end to it... The clients are wealthy and the taste the decorators bring is really interesting and eclectic. Definitely inspiring and has me wondering if my obsession with interior decor is where I should focus my energy.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Time seems to be ticking away at a speed that I can't seem to grasp. It seems like only yesterday I was walking around with a coat and scarf on through the woods behind this house, which I have now made into a home... During this time I have been working in my studio, very productively I must say! I am happy to report that some of the stress of my job/life has calmed down and I have started thinking in the terms of an "artist" again. Not just making, but making with a purpose. I have started a project for the house, a quilt for my bed, which I have never done before. (Everyone else has a quilt at this point except me). I have been learning to garden and deal with some animals that like to live around the garden. And enjoying every day, really trying to take them in.
I recently discovered a site that I fell in love with, almost like a visual dictionary or encyclopedia.... But better because it is social online, called pintrest. I created my own board and have fallen in love with it! It is if you want to see what I am into at the moment. I promise to post some photos this week of everything going on. -Happy summer everyone.