Monday, April 28, 2008

chocolate box...

I finally found some hem tape makers in richmond, at the Hancock fabrics on Midlothian Turnpike. (In case you are looking too.) I had to go into the antique store next door and poke around for a little while. I am glad I did, struck treasure! I got this sewing box full of neat odds and ends, the whole thing cost $10. The box itself is 50-60 years old and was an old choclate box, I am so excited over this find. It is all in great condition and beautiful. I must add "cool display unit for sewing boxes" to the list of furniture to keep my eyes out for.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


In celebration of being finished with the PRAXIS, and the workload for this semester, I decided to go to an estate sale this morning. The house was full of neat plates and such but this box caught my eye. I got it to add to my sewing box collection. It is a Barbie lunch box from the 60's and belonged to "Wendy" in the second grade! Cool, I know! It was full of little spools of thread and needles and such but the little retro travel sewing kit inside really caught eye and made it worth it. I can't get enough of these boxes, one of these days I am going to have to find a way of displaying them, not that I keep all the boxes but lately the boxes themselves have been worth while.
It is warm outside, the trees have their leaves, and I am just about finished with school for the semester. I can't wait for my break, I feel like a child that sits and waits what seems like an enternity for June to arrive. Before I do anything else I am going to paint some rooms in my apartment, I have lived here almost two years and I am over the white! Then I am going to finish my quilt and start some others. In addition to all that I have projects planned and some etsy posts to attend to. Can't wait! I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weekend.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


After finishing the Big stone Gap series of books, I felt like I had post-book-dom depression. Defined as; finishing a series of books that was so great you wish it never ended. I had it after reading Harry Potter, and The time travelers Wife too. So I had started reading the elm creek quilting books, however it was not catching my attention, something about the writing. So after a period of indecisive-ness I finally found some books to read and got four of them today. Now the only problem is figureing out which one to read first. Along with the books they had some really cute totes at Barnes and Noble, shown in the back of the photo.
After the bookstore I went to the fabric store and noted two things, JoAnn fabrics is horrible and JoAnn fabrics is horrible!! They did not have seam tape makers, what I was looking for and no one wanted to help me. So after wandering the store aimlessly for a while I purchased my thread that was on sale, and left.
This semester could not be over soon enough, I think I was ready for the end somewhere in February. The work load is being lifted little by little, and I am really excited for a summer off, only work, and LOTS of MAKING!!! Can't wait!

Monday, April 7, 2008

sheet protectors rule!

So what better way to spend a rainy morning than redoing the studio....again... I must admit this was not completly my idea, I was in a quilt store last week that used these in the bathroom to show the new magazine covers... however I did take it to the next level of taking over my studio. All I used are sheet protectors, with the white part cut off, tape and magazine pages. I set them in a grid pattern but I was not concerned with precise edges for the mag. pages. It is a new inspiration wall, and I could not be more pleased!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

ai ai ai

Once I am done with the yoyo' quilt this will be in the works. It seems like even more of a nightmare, but of the best kind... The quilt and pattern are in this months issue of patchwork and quilting, if you want to check it out.

the end of a series

I finished reading the last book in the Stone Gap series a few weeks ago, but have been busy and unable to post. the last one was lovely like the other three. I am sad to be finished with these books and hope that maybe one day Trigianni will write one more. There was a quote that I loved and want to share:
"I give Etta my mom's sewing kit, a square tin box filled with bobbins of bright thread, shiny gold needles, a silver thimble shaped like a hat, and a small pair of gold trimming scissors with the rosebud design on the handles worn away from use..."

This reminds me of the sewing boxes I collect and all the intersting treasures that live within them. A nice end to a series.