Tuesday, December 31, 2013


This year has been a series of ups and downs... I have been faced with some health scares, that have definitely left me a different person than I was before. I am seeing what people mean about really taking in each day and filling it as if it was your last. As this year ends I am more than happy for a new start, but mainly I am glad that I am well...ish... and able to move forward with the things that I have recently learned. While there have been some difficult moments I must remember that there have been some great times this year as well. By far one of my favorite was going back to Italy, there are days and moments when I am still thinking about it. I have traveled, read lots of books, and kept my hands busy sewing. When I wasn't working on my own things I tried to spend time with those that mattered and really that has meant so much to me. I hope that 2014 brings more good, and less scary, but mostly I am glad for the growth that has come with this year, because every day I know more and more what I am made of, and that is what will help me slay all of the dragons that may come. I am going to focus on something that in college used to be so important to my making process, and recently I was re-acquainted with it.
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I wish you all a great end to the year and a brilliant 2014 that sparkles with all that is good!