Friday, July 26, 2013

the finish line

It has been another busy couple of weeks, between work, going out of town and life.... Somewhere in the middle of it all I did manage to finish my "cross-quilt". This project was inspired by the traditional look of the first aid kits and of course the red cross symbol. I love the look of the simple shape and thought it would a great composition with some of my favorite collections of fabric. The design is my own the piecing is my own too. This is the first quilt that I have ever sent out to be top-stitched by Kelly Woods of i-quilt . I have always been torn on sending something out to be quilted but I must admit that I love the final outcome, and I was still able to choose the quilt pattern and thread color. I feel as if I still had all of the say in the design work and just a little time saver with the quilting... It is a nice feeling, considering that is never my favorite part of making, and long arm machines have give a really nice finished look. 

I enjoy this fuzzy picture, my camera got all fuzzy from the cold house to the HOT HOT HOT outside. 

In focus. I used 26 different fabrics all together and 5 different designers. 

The back. I am pleased with this backside. 

Nice drape.