Thursday, February 28, 2008


Last week I finished the second book in the series by Adrianna Trigianni. The first one in the series was about the past and how it pertains to the future, in this one there is an underlying theme about letting go of things, in order to move ahead. I love the way that she adds underlying themes into her books and how they flow. They really are well written stories.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

finally...I know why I want to teach...

Sitting here tonight stiching away... well reinforcing away (still working on the quilt). I realized why teaching? The question that has been plagueing me. I have worked retail for a number of years, I have worked retail in art supplies which was a fun first job, where I got to constantly be around art supplies, and artists. Then I worked retail where I was able to help people design customized paper goods, which was great because I was able to be creative. Then I got to help people dress themselves, in a way that made them feel and look good. Finally I am working retail in cosmetics, but specifically skin care, my all time favorite lotion and potion line Kiehl's. Retail is fun job, most of the time I would like to think that I can leave it there once I leave. In reality I take it home with me everyday, the clients that made me smile during the day, the ones that I helped feel better from something as small as a lotion and a listening ear of course. Somehow when I graduated from college the first time I thought that I would have my day job and feel ok with that as long as I could make Art the rest of the time. Somehow the time went by and no matter how well work and Art were going I felt a lack of "something". Finally I get it... the need to teach. Art of course is what I will teach, but the reason I want to teach, to do more and make a bigger mark. Helping people at work all day is great, and I do know there are some people that leave and really do feel better after I give them the time of day. The Art that I have been making has been somewhat lower in depth than it was a few years ago, and I figured out the lacking in the artwork and the need to teach coincide. I need to teach Art to do more make a mark, to class full of teenagers. I do not expect to make them all love the subject, and I do not expect them all to like me, but there might be one kid in the class that feels that is the one place in school that they feel "at home" in, and I want to be the teacher that helps that happen. Everyone needs a place to go in High school, and hopefully my art classroom will be someone's escape one day. Maybe there will be one kid that really learns that they love Art and I can help them figure out how to make it their life's work. I am pretty sure that once I am done with this degree and find a job, my own work will come back full force, there will be something there pushing me to make it again. -How could I ever face a group of vulnerable teenagers, as their art teacher, and not be making any ART? It would go against all my beliefs as a future educator. One should be an expert at what they are passing on.
All this time I have been teaching people about art supplies, clothes, lotions and potions and it has been there this whole time... I need to teach, and want to, because the look on a person's face when they learn how to do something they never thought they could do is partly what keeps me going.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

notions and a sock egg

Today I found a sewing box, the first one in a long time. The contents were alright, some hem tapes old buttons a few spools of thread... and my very first sock egg- the kind that are used to repair holes in socks. I have never found a box that had one of these so I was really excited. The tin that housed everything is really neat as well I have no idea what I am going to do with it yet but I am sure there will be something along the way.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

book worms

I just finished reading this book, Big Stone Gap, last night (the one above), by Adriana Trigiani. When I picked it up in barnes and noble I had never heard of the author or the book, but I thought hey why not. It takes place in Virginia, in the blue ridge mountains and I thought it would be neat to read about somewhere that I am familiar with. This book was really a nice escape, one of those books that goes quickly and pulls you away from reality for a little while. She writes the story in a way that you can feel and see what she is talking about. There is a little bit of a romantic aspect to this book, but it is not sickening and overall it has more to do with how the past pertains to the future than anything else. There is also a lot about family and roots and how it makes us who we are. I did not realize that these books were a series until I was half way through the first, but I have to admit I love books in series. I am always so sad to part with characters when books are finished, with series they stay with you for a little longer. Check it out if you are looking for a new book to read.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


"St. Violentine"

Since it is Valentine's day I think it is only appropriate to show Judith Schaechter's art work. If there was an artwork I could have out of any artist it would be between this lady and Frida Kahlo for sure. These are made of layers of stained glass and mounted on light boxes. I had the pleasure of hearing her lecture a few years ago and out of all the art lectures I have been to, hers is the most memorable. She has a great personality that I think borders genius---look at the work! You can check out more of her work and resumee at

"Donkey, Duck, Dream"

"The real reason that I went to art school was to eliminate phys ed and math from my life" -Judith Schaechter

Monday, February 11, 2008

sweet notes

If you know me, then you know valentine's is not really my favortie thing. However I do enjoy sending notes to people and letting them know I care. I decided to show you some of the envelope liners that I made today, because I think it is too often that the liner gets covered as soon as it is sealed and never sees the light of day again. Many people don't know to look for a liner (well maybe from me you might know...) It becomes a small little secret that remains with the written letter... Now try doing that in an e-mail!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

colored pencils as textiles

While looking at the Rag and Bone blog this morning I came across a new intersting artist to look at: Jennifer Maestre. She takes one inch pieces of colored pencils and sews them together to make these intersting woven pieces. I love to see someone taking a harsh wood material and making it so organic, a textile almost. Check out for more on her.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

finding ana

Ever felt really unlike yourself? Find yourself avoiding everything you should be doing, and doing everything you know you could do later... Well I have had one too many days like that lately, so I took the early afternoon to go to a quilt store and look through some fabric, and then to an antique mall. I did not get any fabric but the antique store was a score. I found a stack of photos at a really good price, and got all the cool ones in the stack. I love looking at the different clothing styles and poses in those old photographs. I also got a couple of handkerchiefs, which I rellly do not need more of but they were fifty percent off, who could resist?.. The one in the picture here is my favorite find in a long time. It is a handkerchief from washington, dc, practically where I grew up. The were made as soveniers in the past and they are real treasures to find. I am off to get ready for another week...