Wednesday, June 27, 2007

a weekend away

This past weekend, I got to go to Nags head and stay at my mom's beau's house. The house is a block from the water and located between the sound and the ocean. It is in a beautiful location and sorounded by nature. I really enjoyed walking around the neighborhood and looking at all the differnt bird houses. There were five alone at the house I was staying in. There is also a view of some of the shells I collected. Walking along the shore finding shells is one of my favorite things to do.


Isn't this so cool!!!!

Hello, it has been two weeks since last I have posted. I have been busy, gathering inspiration, thinking about my future, and making some new things. I am working on these circles, which are an old quilting technique called yo-yo's, I feel silly calling them that so I am going to instead call them circles. I have been making a lot of things in circle shapes, like my crochet blanket and now these. I have also been thinking about bedding; blankets, sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, throw pillows etc. I love the idea of making things for a bed- the most intimate place in a home. Along with making and being inspired I got to go to some antique shops, thrift stores and some new fabric shops with my best friend, one of my favorite things to do. My mind is a bit more relaxed and now I have to work down the list of things to do.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

vintage hankerchiefs and memories

This is one of the lingerie bags I made this afternoon. I posted some new things on Etsy too.

I had my day off today, I love having a day off where there are not errands, or lists of things to do on them. It means that I can play a little and then get to work in my studio. I love having time like that, unforced free time. As I get older and the responsiblities pile on, it is more and more precious to me. What I do with it, whom I spend it with, where I go... everything about it. Time is so strange, I think about it often. It passes so fast and yet there are moments that seem to take up eternitys. There is a quote that says 'we remember moments, not days' I suppose this is true. Moments are what make up all the time, the fragments of a second. It trickles by us, time, and before I know it the past summer ended, the trees turned every golden shade, bringing back memories of every past fall. Winter came with barely a drop of snow, and then spring rushed by, the tulips poped out of the ground, and faded and here we are June... I have lived alone almost a year. In this time, I have grown, and changed, made some mistakes and grasped onto some lessons. I have relized that there a handful of people that I want in my life forever, and others that I have parted with. Time....
Maybe it is my obsession with time that leads to my obsession of things from the past, the memories they hold, the stories they tell. How many times were these hankerchiefs pulled out of a neat handbag to dry a tear. The old sheets, ever thought about what happens on sheets, dreams and well... so much more. The sewing boxes, are almost like stories themselves the things that the women from the past stowed away in them. The letters and postcards, written testiments of time. All of these things declare a presence now holding with them the memories of their past moments.

This hankerchief shows what I mean by capturing a memory of a moment, I found it today while making my lingerie bags, It has a lipstick stain and a little dirt from a pocket.... how beautiful

Monday, June 4, 2007


I sold my first thing on etsy today!!!! Horah! I will keep making and posting on it, and hopefully this is a telling for a sucessful venture. The pictures above are of a shelf/cabinet my mom got me. I added the panel of fabric behind the carving and got two small ceramic bowls on sale for the shelfs and filled them with my desk supploes. I love seahorses, and have acumulated a collection of them, at the moment this is one of my favorties.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

I went to my mom's house this weekend, and without fail her garden impressed me yet again. Below are a few pictures of the flowers and one of my little sister with one of her baby bunnies. This perticular bunny, esperanca, had a little accident and one of her legs got broken when she was a tiny few days old. We were worried about her but she is just fine wiht only three feet and a little bit of a lumpy leg.