Thursday, December 16, 2010

looking around.

I have spoken to the notion of time so much on this blog that I am sure you are all finished hearing about my obsession. However no matter how many times I sit and think or make around the notion of time I am fascinated. It is the one thing that always moves, can't be taken or brought back.
This year has proven to be one of the busiest for me, but also one of the most fulfilling. I have done my fair share of traveling, exploring and trying new things. I moved into a new place that I love with an amazing person, I never expected to meet. I have made a few odds and ends and stored enough ideas in sketchbooks, and journals for the year to come. I have learned to compromise certain things, without compromising myself. (Maybe the most difficult thing to do when it comes to living with someone again.)
So here I am sitting by my tree, and enjoying the first snow fall of the season. It has that quiet, that snow brings and it has me thinking of all the things I have done in 2010 and all the things I want to do in 2011. I realize that I have everything I have ever wanted right now. I have dreamt of the holidays at my home with family, and friends and they are coming. I have wanted love, not a young, learning love, but a mature, grown love, and I have it. I have wanted friends that are like family, that can bring me to reality and be there when needed, and they are around. I have a close relationship with my family and it is great. All of these connections are what make me whole, you can only live in yourself so much, before you need others. I don't need a great deal of people, but instead a handful that truly get me, and appreciate me just the way I am. The ones that do not fear giving me a challenge every once in a while. That is a true relationship, whether it be a friend, lover, family, sibling, someone that can confront you when needed, bring you back to reality, that is a true relationship.
So I am thankful for every single one of them and all the moments spent this year. As far as 2011 goes my goals mostly involve taking ideas and making them realities. Hiding in my studio until the magic that is making happens. Enjoying every moment, using every frustration as a means to learn how to improve upon myself, or the creative process. I am also challenging myself to learn how to say "no" more, and use my limited time to make, and be in my studio.
I hope that everyone is enjoying the preparations for the holiday, I have a few more gifts to wrap and dazzle and I am almost ready to start roasting. The tree above is the first I have ever put up in my own home. It is real and smells wonderful, I stuck to a color pallet that is limited and "vintage inspired". The rest of the house has touches of Christmas too, but the mantle is the true joy. Happy holidays everyone- may there be peace, light, love, and creativity in your celebrations!