Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The next step...

In the last post of my studio, there was a pile of t-shirts waiting to be sewn together into this quilt... I finished it last week and presented it to Tom for his birthday. Tom has been a part of my life for the past couple years, and while there will never be a replacement for my father, he comes pretty close and is an amazing person. The quilt was made up of t-shirts that he collected from Harley rides and boat trips. Unfortunately I neglected to take a photo of the finished thing.... The fatigue overcame me, and it ended up in a box with a bow before a final photo was taken. Next time I visit them, I will surely take a photo of it in Tom's "man room".
Working with the Jersey cotton is a different experience, the cotton, folds onto itself, stretches and just refuses to stay put. However it is very soft and forgiving when it comes to the final project. It was a nice project that helped get my mind off everything else and I just sewed away for a couple of days.

February is a month full of anniversaries, and memories for me. Some of them good and others I wish I could forget. However as time moves ahead the bad start to have a hazy glass over them and the good shine through. This year in honor of our one year anniversary and meeting my other half and I took a day at Lewis Ginter Botanical gardens. It was hazy and foggy that day and as you can see in the photos empty everywhere we turned. In the green house the blooms were alive and outside the gardens shapes, and water was enough inspiration on its own.
It was a lovely quiet day and it almost seemed as if we were alone in the gardens. After having lunch and walking around for a while, I decided that the greys that fill a foggy day are perfect for painting a house..... and so...
I started collecting some paint chips because.....
In a few days we close on a house of our own!!!! This is such an exciting thing, I have always taken joy in creating a space that is great to live in and pleasing to the eye. This time, its not just some place it has our names on the title, so I promise to take lots of photos and track the process of choosing everything from paint, and trim to plants and china. Can't wait for the adventure.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

science, and art

"If artist's were in charge of making the world, it would be the most aesthetically pleasing, thoughtful, conceptual place. Without toilets or plumbing because they would forget them... If a scientist were asked to make the world it would be full of all the necessary things but not have one thing just serving the simple purpose of being attractive..." In this world we need the marriage of both... In my world the marriage of both is what makes it work.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


"Ask what is possible? NOT What is wrong? ... Keep asking."

sketch books

Check this site out, there is a sketchbook project that has a couple thousand books traveling around the country... I find that sketchbooks are an awesome way of getting ideas out without, the fear of the outside world. They are un-inhibited little makings. Can't wait to see this exhibit!!!

If you are looking for another interesting exhibit there is a yearly one at the museum for women in the arts in Washington D.C. every year that features handmade books, and book art. I have gone a couple of times and it is worth it every time. I leave with inspiration.

...will take photos of some of my own pages and post them soon....
Happy February.