Thursday, January 20, 2011


One of the main attractions of moving into this place, was of course the studio...Amazing would be a good way to describe my favorite work space, to date. There is built in shelves, stairs enough work space and storage space, with a bit of room to dance, should I feel motivated. There is natural light, an airy glow in the afternoon and it is quiet, unless I blast some music. Anyhow there was a little problem with the production part of the studio, I needed a little more room on work tables for sewing and spreading out. So here is what I did...

Upstairs stayed much the same. I have my tower of thread, and notions... Overlooking the bottom of the studio.

My wall of inspirational photos, that goes around the studio in bunches. Along with my trunks full of finished works or large pieces of fabric. One day I may convert those trunks to something with drawers.... Still torn on the idea because they just work well. (even though I do not like to match everything I often wish the trunks matched...)

My old desk is now a work table, just for sewing, or laying whatever I am working on out.

My second work table, all my fabric, stamps and other goodies are stored underneath, and on top another work space to spread out on. This way I can have two projects at a time, or one large one.

An update, on my alphabet project, not abandoned, just a small holiday sabbatical, so that I could wrap and finish all the holiday events.

The nook under the stairs, houses my reproduction card catalogue, one of my favorite things! Along with a few of my quilts that I have made and collected underneath.

My shelves have remained the same, and now that is the view from my desk. Lovely, I get to look at all my collections, trinkets, and inspiring materials while I type away now.

Finally my new desk area, that houses the lab top, a few needed items, such as bill payments etc. and my new wireless photo printer....Which I love! I can print from anywhere in the home, or from my i-pod touch, and it comes out here. Also the photo aspect of it is fantastic so I can play around with my photos without leaving the house.

So there it is my fresh work space. I have to admit it has been easier to work with more space to spread out, and I have been in here more and more since I re-worked it. Now to finish the alphabet and the t-shirt quilt I am working on.