Thursday, March 29, 2007

Art lecture

This morning I got to go to an artist lecture at VCU. The artist is Lia Cook, her work is really interesting and somewhat mind blowing at the same time. She weaves images that look like photos, but have a very distinct woven structure at the same time, to show that they are indeed woven not painted.

This past weekend my friend
Meri came to visit, our only goal was to pull out some materials and 'play'. I started out just stamping some shapes and not really make much of anything and soon one thing lead to another and i had a row of androgynous dolls, and birds.(the are shown below) I ended up making some things that I am happy with. Recently, I have been making things that are inspired by my daily life and things going on 'right now'. So far this has worked for me. This box was inspired by the movie Marie Antoinette, the colors, visuals, and use of fabric in that movie made me crave color and making.


RVAfashionista said...

Both are quite gorgeous my dear!

eb said...

these are wonderful - following impulse combined with my daily rituals is what keeps me making after many years of this and that - follow your own most personal instinct

yes these are lovely and I can see the connection with Marie

keep going

xox - eb.