Thursday, March 6, 2008

little notes...

Today I finished the third book in the Trigianni series I have been working on. These books are written beautifully and in such a manor that they really do tell a story, which I think a lot of books right now are lacking. It has finally started to feel like spring around here, it has been in the 60's every day this week and I am loving it, even though it is not going to last the weekend. I am officially on my spring break from school and I have to admit it is nice to have a week where I do not have to think about that place. This semester is really not very much fun, the classes are a bit dull and the professors and not my favorite. Anyhow, on a good note I am almost done re-einforcing the quilt so I should be well on my way to finishing it soon. I will post more of that later.

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