Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hello to all, I hope that the holidays were exciting and full of joy with you and yours in your homes. Before Christmas I went on a sewing binge and made two quilts for gifts. The last one is for my mother, with the blue. This one above, for my little sister. The colors are to match her new room. The quilt is for a double bed, and is all hand knotted. After making both quilts I have decided that the knots are the way to go for putting everything together. Something about the stichtes just works well for me. The next time that I make a quilt I will definetly cut the binding on the bias and then apply it. I had issues with both edges. Partly because I was rushing and partly because I have never done this before. Just one more week til school starts again. I am going to use it wisely and enjoy the time off. I hope that this year brings creativity, fun times, and peace all around.

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