Tuesday, June 2, 2009

moving ahead

Sometimes it takes pulling out the old artwork, journals, sketchbooks, photos, and really looking and thinking to realize what happened. How did I go from making always to barely being able to make? The past few weeks I have been looking through all of my old things and pin-pointed the place where making became hard to deal with. I put a lot of myself into anything that was made, and sometimes it is hard to look at the work, or make it because it means having to be vulnerable and open to exposure. Something that is hard, for someone that puts up a hard wall to the world most of the time. Well after looking, I began sketching in a brand new book, and there are definitely some new things coming into my mind, and the ends of my fingertips are moving again. The only way to get through all of this...is to make and deal with it head on. Above are some photos of a embroideries that I did a while ago and the other one, the mask outlines, is a current one that I have been working on.

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