Saturday, March 19, 2011

New beginnings..

Yes it's late March here in Richmond, which means that all of the trees are blooming and the birds are chirping... So my grey winter scape in my header doesn't make that much sense.... As I mentioned before the colors from a walk in the lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, on a rainy day, were the inspiration for the color pallet of the paint in my NEW HOUSE!
The stack of papers are signed, the title was handed over and the house is ours! So here it is...

I have always wanted an older house, specifically a cottage, and I have one with my name one it! I HATE that red door, but it will get painted along with a list of other things that need updating, repairing, fixing, making more aesthetically pleasing, customizing... etc... etc... If you have ever purchased an older house you know how it goes. (I want the door black to match the shutters and the numbers for the house to be painted white, to stand out against the black.)

There is a nice plot of land to work on as well. Half an acre to be exact, so I will have to pick up some gardening tips and think about some vegetables that I would like to plant. There is already a compost on the land, which I was happy to learn, because I think it is an easy way to be more environmentally conscious.
I have plans to keep the house true to time period, with some updates. I want it light and aerie with some punches of color from collections I have and fabrics. As much as I love color, at home I like to keep it softer and neutral, I find that my belongings add enough color and interest on their own.
This is my biggest project right now and I have fallen in love with the details of choosing everything for a home. There is a very personal quality to this process, and it makes me think about what a home says about us as individuals. Being that I love many different styles and eras, but prefer certain things for my day to day... What does that mean? What does it say about me? These are some of the things that I am thinking about during this process. I am also trying to let myself just like something because I simply do. Not over thinking it, as is so easy for an artist.
I will be showing photos and talking about the process as it goes, as well as keeping a sketchbook of everything. Perhaps I will find answers to some of my questions, and maybe I will just enjoy the process because I simply love making a home my own. A place where my partner and I love to spend our day to day, where we always have a place for a friend to stop by for wine, and where family can enjoy the holidays with us. After all maybe those are the reasons why we take care into what comes into a home. It is the tangible object, full of tangible things, that represent the love and relationships we have in our lives.

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