Monday, December 31, 2012

beds, boxes and tiny hands

I took a little bit of time before Christmas and made some handmade gifts for some small friends. By small friends I mean the children in my life. I started out making two of these, and before I knew it I had made seven. I still have a few more to make, so they will get their little boxes for their birthdays. I used a basic Chanel gift box, we had enough at work that I could grab some for my little project, and I then started making the smallest patterns I have ever made.

Each box contains a small "mattress-like" bottom cover, a tiny pillow, and a quilt.  I then added some finger puppets that I scored at Restoration Hardware on sale before Christmas. The whole box measures about 5" by 7", they are small and compact. The idea is that the child has a mini bed with a toy in it that they can take with them or play with. I remember loving small compact things as a little girl, Polly Pocket was one of my favorites. The pillows are about 1.5" x 2.5" so tiny and so cute. I really enjoyed making these, and the children seemed to enjoy playing with them too. 

This project re-in forced something that I have been trying to convey to children for a little while now. It is important to remember to use your hands and imagination, because with those two things any magical thing is possible. With all of the electronics available today, most children can program an 
i-phone before they can write their own names. I am fascinated by that and at the same time a bit let down, that the future generation is loosing all the craft that used to exist. So my mission is to introduce them to the handmade, and the importance of it. 

I signed each piece with "Don't ever forget to use your imagination"
I hope one day they can look at that and remember the magic of being a child. 

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