Wednesday, May 8, 2013

organic objects

I think that these flowers are the most perfect little things. They are difficult to grow and hard to find in good shape at the market. Rodundrums. I treated myself to a bunch the other day and find myself staring at their perfection. Lovely. 

I finished the Alicia Paulson "garden sampler" cross stitch a couple of weeks ago. It was a nice little mind-calming project. I altered her colors a bit and did not make an alphabet in the bottom, but mostly I followed her pattern. I love all the different shapes and soft colors mixed with brights from nature. I used a lot of WEEKS dye works floss for this project and think it was perfect because of the variegation, for organic shapes. This might end up stretched in a frame, or on a pillow perhaps. For now it awaits finishing... The Beehive is my favorite part!

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