Wednesday, January 29, 2014


After watching the second movie, I decided to start reading the Hunger Games Trilogy, I know I should have read it a long time ago. I honestly did not think that I wanted to read it, until I could not wait any longer to find out how the series ends. I must say that from a book to movie conversion I think that they did a great job staying mostly true to the story. Of course there were a few details that movies left out, but for time sake, it made sense. 
I zipped through the first two books and while there were parts that were really hard to read they were a breeze compared to book 3. I thought it was so dark and sad and barely ever had a good moment, even the end was bittersweet... I was so upset with some of the people that they she killed off. I am fascinated by how such a dark concept with a dreary story line, has won the hearts of so many. I love that there are books like this that get the younger generations to read, and that now I have something that I can have a conversation with them about. Definitely worth the read. 

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