Wednesday, August 1, 2007

a silly coinsidence

My sister has been really good about sending me postcards from portugal. I love getting postcards in the mail, almost as much as I love long letters... yes I still use real mail! anyhow, this postcard made me laugh and it made me think of a photo someone took of us on easter durning the egg hunt. I think it was Robbie that took it on my camera. Anyways it must be a portugese thing to have a portrait taken of your behind.
The women in this postcard are from a place in Portugal caled Nazare, it is on the coast and the beach has clean beautiful sand and water and when you look behind you there are amazing pine forests and cliffs. The women on this beach traditionally wear seven skirts, folkloric typical garb, and they help the fisher men that come in with the sardines at the end of the day. Did I mention that 1. they carry everything on HUGE baskets on their heads 2. they wear embroidered aprons over the seven skirts at all times and 3. they still exist in Nazare today. It is a neat place to visit if you are ever in Portugal.

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catarina said...

yea ur right the postcard does look like us... lol