Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ohio and everything since.

The above photos are a small glimpse into my recent trip to Ohio, to visit P. It was a great experience full of adventures and relaxation. The photos of the eggs are some of my favorite, they came from the "egg bar" at the Columbus whole foods. I can't get over the fact that 1. there is not a whole foods in Richmond and 2. how cool the egg bar is! I figured that since we were in the midwest there had to be good quilt stores, due to the long winters.... so... P and I went on an A & P adventure, we went to six quilting shops and met some neat quilting women. It was great to talk about something that I am starting to really appreciate more than I ever have, and to see some samples. I have to admit some samples are disappointing but there are some that are amazing in tecnique and aesthetic. Needless to say I came back with a nice stack of fabric for some projects. I am still working on the circle piece, but have some plans for future pieces as well.

As soon as I returned I jumped into the school thing... I am a little nervous, I guess that is to be expected with any new adventure. Class this morning made me feel a bit better about this though, the wheels began to turn and I am seeing it all clearly again... The reasons that I wanted to go back in the first place. To teach, inspire, motivate be surrounded by ART.

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