Friday, January 4, 2008


Happy New Year to all!!! It seems as though lately I have not posted too many things that I have made. The truth is I have been making a few things for the holidays and such, but nothing too serious. I have been unwinding over my winter break, even though it seems as though every time one thing calms down something else picks up. I still have about two weeks before schoold starts again, and everything gets crazy, so I am going to try to finish my quilt and work on some other odds and ends. I also want to get up to the textile museum for a show that is there. The show includes 17 contemporary artists all working in textiles.
In Mexico, I was surprisingly inspired, at the most un-expected moment. While visiting chitzanitza and listening to the guide speak of sun-moon, man-woman, etc. I began to think of binaries again.... and the ideas began to form in my mind. (secretly, the idea of weaving something again).... So hopefully before school starts I can work on some of these things.
Time. Can't stop thinking sometimes it would be nice to stop it for a moment and other times I just wish that I could make it move faster. The one thing we can not stop or change or move.

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