Thursday, January 24, 2008

girly stiches

So this quilt that I began last june and have slowly fallin in and out and back in love with..... Is now my arch-nemisis! I went to pick it up a few weeks ago and a few stiches came undone, then the other day again... The more I began to look at my quilt and my tiny perfect girly stiches I realized that the whole thing was going to come undone if I did not reinforce the stiches. Yes you heard my correctly, I am reinforcing the whole thing!!!! Note to self and others who take on a project life this: get over yourself and make the stiches strong and important!
It has been cold outside so staying in to do this is not so bad, but I do want to finish this quilt so I want to be done with this back tracking. While working on this today I began to think about time and stiches and the history of quilts. In the past they have been a way for women to pass time while their loves have been off at war or working. What was once considered "women's work" has come a long way, however sometimes I still feel it is a nice way to pass the time, waiting for one part of our lives to move ahead, for everything to come together.

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