Thursday, April 17, 2008


After finishing the Big stone Gap series of books, I felt like I had post-book-dom depression. Defined as; finishing a series of books that was so great you wish it never ended. I had it after reading Harry Potter, and The time travelers Wife too. So I had started reading the elm creek quilting books, however it was not catching my attention, something about the writing. So after a period of indecisive-ness I finally found some books to read and got four of them today. Now the only problem is figureing out which one to read first. Along with the books they had some really cute totes at Barnes and Noble, shown in the back of the photo.
After the bookstore I went to the fabric store and noted two things, JoAnn fabrics is horrible and JoAnn fabrics is horrible!! They did not have seam tape makers, what I was looking for and no one wanted to help me. So after wandering the store aimlessly for a while I purchased my thread that was on sale, and left.
This semester could not be over soon enough, I think I was ready for the end somewhere in February. The work load is being lifted little by little, and I am really excited for a summer off, only work, and LOTS of MAKING!!! Can't wait!

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