Saturday, April 26, 2008


In celebration of being finished with the PRAXIS, and the workload for this semester, I decided to go to an estate sale this morning. The house was full of neat plates and such but this box caught my eye. I got it to add to my sewing box collection. It is a Barbie lunch box from the 60's and belonged to "Wendy" in the second grade! Cool, I know! It was full of little spools of thread and needles and such but the little retro travel sewing kit inside really caught eye and made it worth it. I can't get enough of these boxes, one of these days I am going to have to find a way of displaying them, not that I keep all the boxes but lately the boxes themselves have been worth while.
It is warm outside, the trees have their leaves, and I am just about finished with school for the semester. I can't wait for my break, I feel like a child that sits and waits what seems like an enternity for June to arrive. Before I do anything else I am going to paint some rooms in my apartment, I have lived here almost two years and I am over the white! Then I am going to finish my quilt and start some others. In addition to all that I have projects planned and some etsy posts to attend to. Can't wait! I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weekend.

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