Thursday, May 15, 2008

summer break!

Bellwether, by Penelope Bell, 2008
Last week as soon as school was over I hopped on a plane, ok two, and went to columbus to see Penelope's MFA show. This clip is a small view of the piece in the show. There are layers of patterned papers, with printed images, painted walls, and vinal cut-outs. It is innovative and invites the viewer in to a peaceful, sweet enviornment. I would love to live with this piece on a daily basis.

Yesterday I had lunch with an old teacher, now friend. Sometimes the best thing is to take the time to talk to somone about what you are making and goals. We decided that we are each going to set up goals and do what we can to reach them, more like a business for art. I feel as though that is part of what is lost in art school, they do not teach you enough about the business skills that are needed in the art world. I think I am going to use some of the same approaches I use at work, seeing as how I always make my goals there. It is time to apply them to myself and my work.

When school let out there was a list of things that I wanted to finish for myself. These sweet little pillows was one of them. I wanted to replace the pillow covers on two throw pillows that live on my bed. I used vintage sheets and fabrics to make these two. They are very soft and add a sweet touch to my resting room. Now I must start posting on etsy, again.... for serious. That is the summer project that I really want to get done.
Have a good weekend everyone- I hope this one is not another wet rained out one.

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