Tuesday, May 27, 2008

where does the time go.

This month seems to have flown by so quickly, I can't believe there is only one other post for May. Between the end of school, my trip to the OH and work the time has come and gone quickly. Today I had a day off from work, and it was a nice day spent alone. I finished reading the last Harry Potter book, for the second time, and again was thrown into reading page after page. Before I knew it half the day had passed and I was finished. They are a bunch of charcters that I need to go back to every once in a while, for my sanity.
This afternoon I went to the quilt man store, in Ashland, and purchased some of the fabric above. He has a wide selection of the reproduction feedsacks, which is what I was after today. The sweet, soft, colors and the delicate florals of the feedsacks are so beautiful I do not know how to contain my excitement.
Then it was off to the antique store, where I purchased tin goods, something differnt for me. Overall I was really happy with my finds and enjoyed an afternoon with my thoughts.

Last week I made this little address box. It was time for a new address book, and I was having trouble finding something new that suited my needs. So I made my own. I used differnt scraps of paper that I had around and used stickers for the letters. Overall I think it is pretty and useful. I do not have to cross out names and addresses anymore, just throw away the old card and make a new one.

Last week I got to see the movie, P.S I love you, which I expected to be alright but ended up being really sweet and great. It is the second movie that I have seen this month with images of Ireland in it, the first being, Made of honor, (also great!) I think that it might be time to go to Ireland, I think I could be captivated, maybe even enough to buy some sheep, plant some flax and have a textile farm.... Any thoughts?
SEX AND THE CITY movie, this friday don't forget! Hope that everyone gets a chance to go and see it.

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