Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I do not often try to give out advice.... On my own free will anyways. However I am taking a moment on this blog to let anyone that is remotely interested in teaching, anywhere in the United States, to pay attention to the math they teach you between 6th and 9th grade. YOU NEED IT FOR THE PRAXIS. I am taking this test again in the morning and it has been a battle since november with it, so I hope the third time is a charm.
Other than studying I have been working on my quilt so that I may enter it in the competition this summer, and enjoying the lovely weather of summer, along with the casual attitude. I love this time of year when school lets out and there seems to be a calmness in everyone, even the ones that have been out of school for years. I hope to post more interesting things soon. After I kick this exam in the ass! Think good thoughts everyone.

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