Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Every year it is a challenge to make a birthday card for one of the most creative people I know. One that is new and that I have not made before, and of course it has to rivel the ones she makes me, my friend Meri. This year, I decided that I wanted to do something with mermaids, since she loves them! I ended up making a mermaid paper doll chain. The initial idea involved adding decorative details to the mermaids and making them very intricute, however once they were completly cut out of paper I loved their silhouettes by themselves.

The other day I went out on the Potomac river with my family, we went to see the new National Harbour, in Washington DC. It was a nice evening out on the boat, and I could not help but share this picture of the eagle's nest next to the marina. If you look closely you can see the eagle mom in there. How cool is this HUGE nest! Wish I could have one to take home.

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