Thursday, July 17, 2008

where is ana?

Where is Ana?? Looking at Mayan ruins..? Sitting on the beach with a book and a limeade? Touring the Mediterranian in a smart car with only the horizon as the guide? NO NO NO silly... Ana is working and finishing the quilt that has taken over her life!! I just wanted to drop by and tell anyone that may read this, that while I wish I was off doing all those things, I have actually been sewing billions of circles together to finish my quilt in time to send it off to be juried for a show. The deadline is approaching and since I do not have a house elf to help me, I have been working vigorously to finish. I will return to more intersting new posts once I am finished with it. There are a lot of projects that I have lined up, once the quilt is done.
At this point I feel as thouh I should call it a "quilt" not a quilt... Because it is so abstact from the traditional. We will see in the end. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

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