Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 and everything before!

Hello 2012!! As time does, it passes quickly the older we get, the more rapidly things come and go. I have been very distant from posting (I have made a resolution to get back on that!). Since last time I posted so much has taken place. I have kept up with the house, finishing some projects that have been on my list since the purchase. Worked in the garden well into the fall, which I can't wait to get back on this spring! I have stitched away at a quilt that I am so close to finishing I can see the end, always an exciting part of a long project. Helped plan and set up a backyard wedding for my mom and new step dad, which was lovely and beautiful. Decorated the house for Halloween, had a chili party, complete with backyard bonfire and gravestone cupcakes. Then the Christmas season was upon us, so I decorated the house to the point where every room had an ornament in it! And now here I am 16 days into the new year, decorations are down like it never happened (always a little sad by that), and on a mission to finish this quilt these next couple of days. The photos of the quilt will come in a post later this week, however below are a few to share of the things that have happened since, that have made me busy and kept me smiling.

The beautiful centerpieces that my mother made for her wedding.

The backyard ready for over a 100 guests.

A little peek at Halloween, it was much more interesting than just cupcakes, however I seem to have been avoiding my camera.

The mantel with the Christmas village on it, I love this at night when it is lit up its sweet and looks warm, and feels like home.

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The front steps to the house, I made a "Winter wonderland" with branches found in the backyard, spray painted them in places with silver and white, wove in branches of pine wrapped in ornaments and lights. It was pretty walking through the steps with it, however it is a little lost in photos...

2011 Was a very busy and full year for me, however it was well worth it! I can't wait to see what this year brings, thankful that the buying, packing, moving process is over! I know that with a house there is always a project, but it feels amazing to just live in it and not have to worry about the big changes that come with the first few months! I am looking forward to working on creative endeavors in the studio, traveling and spending moments with those that I love.

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