Friday, March 16, 2012

inspired travels

While I was in Puerto Rico I fell in love with this building in Old San Juan. I made it a point to walk by it at least a dozen times. The tiles are so beautifully painted and layed the pattern and colors so traditional. The bottles in the tile even look like they are made from glass (which I think they could be). Last night while watching t.v I was so happy to see it as a back drop for a Gap commercial! I have no idea what they were trying to sell, probably jeans of some sort... But I could care less because there was my building again! I have dreams of what I would do with this building... a shop perhaps, antiques, art supplies, home wares, fabric... It is the perfect combination of old and beautiful and yet such a common thing is shown, bottles. At some point a factory, what a beautiful factory that must have been! 

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