Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I finally got around to watching "The September Issue", a documentary that follows the process of what it takes to create an issue of Vogue. Fashion has always seduced me, however I have a love/hate relationship for the fashion world. I admire the artists that create some of the most spectacular things and literally create walking sculptures that are meant for wearing. Couture is my favorite kind of fashion, to look at, admire, and study. The hours that go into some of the garments, and the textiles that are used to make them are brilliant. Haute Couture is true craftsmanship at work. 

The movie was a really interesting look behind the scenes of what happens at the photo shoots, what makes it in and what gets cut. I love that part of the magazine the photos that showcase the most beautiful attire in the most un-realistic, imagined scenarios. Essentially what separates it from just being clothes and turns it into art. 
Anna Wintour is a powerful woman and definitely knows what she is doing. I was happy to see that she does have someone that challenges that at times and makes her re-think why something should stay, go or be changed. Her co-worker from the start- Grace. 
I did find it humorous that Meryl Streep played her so well in "The Devil Wears Prada." It was a fun comparison, and while she may seem cold, she is a business woman and at the end of the day she does her job brilliantly. An interesting documentary and well worth watching. 

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Cathyann said...

Good read, Ana....I have to find that film.