Thursday, September 6, 2012


These Dahlia's are from my garden, they are lovely, big fluffy and just the right amount of yellow. They seem to be thriving at the moment. 

This month seems to have snuck up on me, it seems as if the summer just began, and here we are September upon us. It is still warm out, of course, it is Richmond it will not get really cold until December. I love this time of year, when fall is so close, because that means that fall will soon be here. I have been spending quiet mornings in the studio, making, thinking, being. I feel an accomplishment from this summer... I have been making, mostly quilting, piecing, and such, pattern based design. A few years ago I would have not been proud of this work, but I turned a leaf and am happy to be making and using my hands just about everyday. Sometimes it is not always about conceptual making, sometimes the making is just as important, and perhaps the other things will come out of it.... well there I go rambling again, I guess that is partly why people have blogs, so that they can ramble their thoughts, experiences, findings.... It is a good way to catalogue the times that pass, and how we get from point A to point B. 

My mother had a birthday yesterday, and what does one give the woman who has everything, including a bee hive and some chickens.... Well how about a bee-hive inspired pin cushion or two. Along with a couple of other little gifts, I gave her this pincushion. I must admit it is my favorite I have made so far. The hexagons just lend themselves to this kind of thing, and the fabrics worked out well. I included a tiny one too, because my mom usually has a couple of projects going and a bag full of tools and a little place on her side of the sofa. So now she has one no matter where she is working. It was about time she got a new one,  considering she was using the one's we made her when we were in grade school. 

My view out of the studio, I love the light in this room, it is just perfect and this time of the year it seems that every yellow flower is blooming out there. 

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