Thursday, September 27, 2012

visual travels

A strange way to start my story of Portland, and Seattle, this bathtub was beautiful. It seemed that everywhere I turned out there, there was an appreciation for the old, vintage, and antique. People appreciated and reused things that would normally be thrown away, discarded, or forgotten in a garage forever. While I loved both cities, Portland felt like an amazing place for me. If I did not have my whole family, a house, a life, and everything on the east coast I would consider going out there. 

"The city of Roses" besides the real ones, there were roses everywhere you looked in Portland 

...And food trucks... 

Mount Rainer... Breathtaking! We found the perfect pumpkin patch to view this brilliant piece of nature.

Pike Place Market, in Seattle. I could not get over the freshness of the vegetables and the quality of the flowers. The colors looked like a fresh box of crayons, so many and so plentiful. 

An artist in Seattle Knitted this whole house! Including the trees and columns out front.  It is located in the Capital Hill district, amongst all the other houses. 

While I was out there I visited some fabric stores, picked up close to 80 new patterns to work with!! I had to clean off some shelves to store it all. I saw the Chihuly garden and walked around taking in all the colors, sights, and the energy of the cities. It was a peaceful time, and breathtaking at moments. As Sandra put it, "the trees out here have eyes and faces..." It seemed so, everywhere I turned I felt as the trees, and leaves, and nature out there had so much to offer. The only word I could use to summarize standing amongst it,  breathtaking. 

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