Sunday, November 18, 2012

stitching along

The small lap quilt, I have been working on, all began with the love I had for this group of fabrics I put together. I first made pillows and loved them so much that I wanted something for myself. I do not usually use a lot of purple in my work, however it is almost a grey purple and that works for me. Mixed up with lots of grey and brown tones, and a kick of coral, it is a nice combination. 

I am almost finished with the whole thing. The top stitching is finished, I used my new sewing machine to create a decorative stitch on the top, which I really like the look of. 

For the first time, I am not swearing off the binding of something! I went slowly and carefully with it, tried a new way of folding it and stitching it to the quilt... So far it is going on well, and looks better than I normally have it look! Can't wait to finish this thing, today is the day... I think. 

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