Monday, April 28, 2014

book worms

My sister came up with a challenge to a couple of us Harry Potter fans, starting April first we started reading from book one and we are reading all the way through to the end. Of course she already finished... I am in the middle of book two. One of my best friends gave me this awesome set of the books for my birthday last year and what a good time to break them in. I love the illustrations on the covers and the back of these each have another great image and a quote from the book. 
I have read the Harry Potter countless times, sometimes the entire series other times just parts of them, it has been a while though. I must say it is like meeting an old friend for coffee... picking up where you left off and before you know it three hours are gone... yep that is what reading HP is like. I had forgotten some of the details its great to get back into them, and I love a series!

Thought I would share my little guy, he was shivering the other day so this was our solution... and he resumed looking out the window. 

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