Sunday, February 3, 2008

finding ana

Ever felt really unlike yourself? Find yourself avoiding everything you should be doing, and doing everything you know you could do later... Well I have had one too many days like that lately, so I took the early afternoon to go to a quilt store and look through some fabric, and then to an antique mall. I did not get any fabric but the antique store was a score. I found a stack of photos at a really good price, and got all the cool ones in the stack. I love looking at the different clothing styles and poses in those old photographs. I also got a couple of handkerchiefs, which I rellly do not need more of but they were fifty percent off, who could resist?.. The one in the picture here is my favorite find in a long time. It is a handkerchief from washington, dc, practically where I grew up. The were made as soveniers in the past and they are real treasures to find. I am off to get ready for another week...

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