Thursday, November 20, 2008

the crisp in the air

The branches are almost completly bare and ready for the winter. The air is crisp and cold. And there is an extra blanket on my bed. It means that fall is definetly here, almost past, and winter is soon to come. This year the time has flown by. Between teaching in schools, working full time and trying to get my personal life together. Time has passed right by me. There has been too long of a gap in the making inside of my studio, which is sad. The time has finally come though where I can not take it anymore and must stich something or in some way shape or form touch textiles. The projects I make for school are fun but they do not fulfill my craving for textiles. I have a few things planned out and I hope that in the comming weeks I will be able to post some more intersting photos of things I MAKE!
For all of you that read this blog or stumble upon it, I appreciate your time, and promise that soon something better will be posted. Hope that all is well and that everyone has a great thanksgiving and enjoys the crisp cool air, that begs for hot tea and a blanket. -Ana

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