Monday, November 3, 2008


I am not usually a follower of horoscopes, however this morning while checking my e-mail this one popped up for me and I take it as a sign.

"You are eager to take a risk for happiness now and could use these days to push through your own resistance to change. Even if you aren't one hundred percent certain, you know that forward movement is better than trying to return to the past. You probably should still move ahead, even if your friends tell you to be cautious. Take a deep breath and then trust your intuition to know which path to choose."

Risks for happiness can be scary. Really taking the time to learn what that means... Happiness. And then there is the all time scary.... change. It can be the best thing or the scariest thing, but in the end it is the most inevitable thing. So I am taking strides to change and find that happiness and using my intuition as my guide.

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