Tuesday, October 2, 2012

september thoughts

September seemed to have lasted longer than a month, or maybe it was just how much I did in that month... 

It included: 
A trip to the Outer Banks, to celebrate my mom's birthday and Labor day... A new four legged, studio-mate, named Achilles... Seattle...Portland...and anything in between... Cultivating honey from my mom's beehives... friends' birthday's... and finally, a very amazing, Madonna Concert!

See I told you it was a busy month. All good, fun, things but by the end of it, I was ready for a nice cold cocktail, outside on my deck. I managed to make some things during that time, but mostly I gathered inspiration and ideas. I also managed to gather some fabric in Portland. By some I mean... over 70 new patterns... I know its insane! It even required its own suitcase. I finally washed and put it all away. 

My system for organizing fabric is simple. I bring it home, and it goes straight into the washing machine. Everything gets a bath, before it even enters into the studio. The reason I do this is so that no matter what, the fabric gets pre-shrunk. I know most everything says it is these days, but I like to be sure. By washing the fabric, it also ensures that any kind of coating that is on the fabric is removed and leaves a nice, clean fabric. 

Then I fold in my OCD ways so that everything is a nice clean little square. Then everything goes into my fabric cabinet. I used to have a plastic one, but the stash got too heavy so this little cabinet from, Homegoods, does the job now. I can even fit whole yards into the drawers if I fold the fabric a certain way. I like to keep things separated by color or by fabric line, depending on how I will use it. Of course I have fully grown into this cabinet since the shopping spree, so the shelf, pictured above, gets the bigger yardage and the solids. 

The fabric stores that I went to in Portland were really nicely organized, and had a great selection. If you are in that area, and your a fabric junkie check out; 

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